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AVRduinoSPI-example AVRduinoSPI-example, an exampl... fishy 11 years ago
YAVote A very simple Vote plugin... fishy 12 years ago
avrfbosd AVRFBOSD aims to create a... fishy 10 years ago
avrfbosd_hw Hardware Schematics and Board... fishy 10 years ago
gitweb-defcon-css The CSS/Theme for gitweb used... fishy 13 years ago
hermes Hermes is a framework for... jonl 10 years ago
hm-trp-tool A tool for configuring the... fishy 11 years ago
joysticktest Trying out reading of joystick... fishy 13 years ago
plsgen Unnamed repository; edit this... fishy 13 years ago
qopencamwidget Unnamed repository; edit this... fishy 14 years ago
rctxduino RCTXduino - an Arduino approac... fishy 11 years ago
test-repo A simple testing space for... fishy 3 months ago
trk trk is a simple time tracker... fishy 11 years ago
z80cpm A place to stash my experiment... fishy 7 years ago